round up: quality of light, valentine's week

It's been a while since I did a "round up" post, but I wanted to collect some recent photos together here before they got buried in my files. The light has been so crazy over the last week or so, alternating rain and bright, unnaturally blue skies. The morning sun has been bouncing off the neighbor's windows and into ours, which is always a treat, as most of our windows face north.

And of course it was Valentine's week, it's Black History month, and we had a long weekend, so there's been a lot going on at school and at home!

Trudging to school through the Panhandle in the rain.

Oliver's post-music class snack tray.

Libros en EspaƱol.

Rain clouds clearing (and a disembodied tree limb).

A valentine for Oliver, from Stella.

Chocolates for breakfast, of course!

To her dad.

Killing time while nursing Oliver.

Monkeying around on the way home from school.

More nursing.....see Oliver's gropey hand?

My Valentine's Day gift to and from David was a giant bowl of extra spicy larb gai, nice wine, and the kids locked away in our room watching a movie and eating pizza rolls!

Them's the chilis!

Oliver got his wires crossed on what holiday it was, insisting on blowing out our romantic candles when we brought the kids in for dessert!

I would've baked something special, but we had already done a lot of baking the night before with all those pretzels we made for David.

Indirect, natural light hits the corner of our kitchen certain times of the year and it lights ME up. I love it!

While I was over in that corner I remembered this little guy I made a long time ago that hangs under the cabinets.

Stella's school celebrated Black History Month with an evening performance. Stella's class sang "Buffalo Soldier" and "We Shall Overcome", among other songs.

Before the bow.

After the performance we hung out on the school yard and talked with friends and looked at the stars, and we saw Uranus! We knew it was Uranus by using David's "Skyview" app on his phone. You should check it out, kids love it!

Shadows on the walk to school the next day.

Flowers for mommy, AFTER Valentine's Day!

Out for breakfast on furlough Friday.

At the playground before the really cold weather came back.

Crazy blue skies!

Oliver frosting his cupcakes for our "Cupcake Wars".

Stella's cupcakes.

The hydrangeas that didn't survive the night, even though I tried to resuscitate them by dunking the heads underwater all night long.

Morning rocking out. Oliver is super-attached to his guitar right now, and it is extra hilarious and entertaining!



  1. What gorgeous photographs! I thoroughly enjoyed them. It's so striking the way someone's ability to use a camera can let us "see" their world in such a lovely way. Beautiful children, too.

    1. Thank you very much, Tara, I really appreciate your comment. It's kind of funny, after I posted this I went to talk to my husband about when we are going to buy a real camera, as I take all these shots with my iPhone, and one out of thirty shots is usable at all due to the poor quality. So, it makes me feel better to head you enjoy the photos!

  2. Thank you for sharing your life! Lovely!

    1. Hi Holly! Thank you for stopping by to take a look! When I started this blog almost all the posts were about the kids, and it's so fun to write about our times together.

  3. Loved it! I love Oliver's many faces. So adorable!

    The crazy blue skies and the indirect light make my day too.

    Thanks for sharing. (:

  4. Thank you, Larissa. I just looked at this post again and noticed there are lots more photos of Oliver than of his sister. He's just at a ridiculously cute age right now, I guess! :)

  5. I love your roundups...my favorites are the umbrellas and the droppy hydrangeas. (one of my fav flowers, you must have been sad they didn't make the night).

    1. Thanks, Tania! My local florist taught me the trick of refreshing them with their heads submerged in water, but I guess it was just too late for those ones!


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