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I love to bake! I used to do it all the time. Earlier this week, while we were making pretzels for David for Valentine's Day, it dawned on me that the only things I've baked of late are bacon and a chicken. That's crazy. I skipped holiday baking this year, I haven't baked a cake since I made Oliver's birthday cake in August, and forgot all about my Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day book, which I absolutely love. How did this happen? I suspect the advent of Oliver learning to walk (at 19 months old!) played a big part in me not finding time to let my hands be bound by cookie dough. With Tease-O-Rama on the horizon, I've got a big motivator for cutting down my sugar intake, so I can see how not cranking out the baked goods makes sense. But I miss it!

Today I dredged up some photos of some of the yummy things I used to bake, and noted where I found the recipes below the photos. It's funny how many recipes are Martha Stewart's. I really had a thing for her a few years ago, I guess!

This is not the most fantastic food photography you'll ever see, but the food itself was terrific.

cherry clafoutis
The Joy of Cooking, so easy.

whole wheat bread
Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day.

easter sugar cookies with
royal icing
 Martha Stewart's Baking Handbook, so dangerous.

go-to cherry galette
M. Stew. Living magazine, circa 2005,
may I never lose my photocopy of the recipe.

Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day.

fig, peach & ricotta torte

baby shower blue french macaron fail
 Martha Stewart's Baking Handbook. These tasted great,
but got lost somewhere in the whipping of the whites.

tres leches cake with
kumquat syrup

No baking required, but homemade sweet whipped cream/chocolate almond whipped cream inside a shell of Maraschino liqueur drenched pound cake slices? Yes! I can't locate the recipe, but it's online somewhere, and some people I've served it to said it was the best dessert they've ever had!


  1. The cookies looks delicious...
    I miss baking too. My excuse is school. But I plan to bake this afternoon. Exercise first. Then intake all the calories I just burnt.

  2. Thanks, LT. I wonder if you actually got any baking done. I have been so sad about your blog going missing since I saw the news. I really hope it comes back.


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