birthday weekend

We got way away last weekend to our home away from home in Point Reyes Station. Nothing but the four of us, to celebrate my birthday. We came here to this yurt for our first anniversary almost eight years ago, and we never stopped coming here, sometimes three times a year. Tony owns the joint, and he's like family and the yurt is like home.

Things to remember to pack:
Great Champagne, means for acquiring great cheese,
oyster shucker, rice vinegar for mignonette,
garlic for BBQ oysters.

The road.



Making dinner.


Earl Grey panna cotta + chocolate espresso mousse = birthday cake.


This was the view when we first stayed here, years ago.

Unfortunately, there was no stopping progress.

The rocker: May 2006 (l),  April 2010 (r).

The rocker: January 2012.

Simple breakfast.


Lunch in Marshall.


Barbequed oysters basted with ketchup and garlic.

Tomales Bay.

Little luncher.

So salty.

P.R.S. community garden.

Coffee from Toby's in the afternoon.

Looking for snakes.

Obsessed with a 550 piece puzzle all weekend.

Looking for the cat.

Sunset from the yurt.

Simple dinner.

Sunday morning, McDonald Lane.

A morning ritual at the yurt during our last few hours.

Obviously, this area could be anyone's dream place, and it is certainly ours. We'll just keep on renting this place until maybe one day we can make a move up here. We've come very close before, and I do a lot of my architecture business in Marin, so you never know. Fingers crossed.

Also, look at these two babies (again). Are they not separated at birth (by four years)?

Stella in the yurt at eight months old.

Oliver in the yurt at eight months old.


  1. The twins! Can't wait to see them again! Imma go build a yurt to lure you guys down here.

    1. Aw, you don't need to build us a yurt. Just buy us plane tickets. :) I'm always quizzing Oliver to make sure he still knows who (insert your name here) is. He does, of course!

  2. They're so adorable! I love those cheeks!!
    That place looks great by the way.

  3. I've always wanted to stay in a yurt! Looks like a wonderful relaxing getaway.

    1. And I didn't even mention that this yurt has a hot tub right out the bedroom door in the garden, and a full kitchen, and all that business!

  4. LOVE the yurt! Great pictures and great weekend! Your babies and so cute (said in baby talk)!

    1. Thanks, Ann. It's such a gem! And those kids aren't bad, either!

  5. Oh my! Happy belated Birthday! As soon as I saw that cheese I knew it had to be Cow Girl Creamery! I went there once and took their class about the history of cheese in Northern California, saw a cheese making demo and we got to sample a pile of cheese at the end... for $5. 00! The picture of the view made me a feel a bit sad at the changes but as you said, that's progress. Your cute kids cheered me back up right away. They are adorable.

    1. Stacie, I envy the way you're always finding these great classes and seminars and such. And $5.00? Wow.

      The woman rancher who scooped up all the land around the yurt when it was released for sale was ruthless. Cows used to practically walk up to the windows when we first moved there. But it is so spectacular, we're able to overlook all the fences and stables and roads, for the most part.

  6. I love Point Reyes. I live within a 30-45 minute drive but don't make it out there as often as I should. I used to backpack there every spring though, and Pt.Reyes was a huge part of my therapeutic wandering just after my father passed. The yurt looks amazing, would you be willing to post information about renting it?

    1. Hi Mela. Point Reyes is especially incredible during the spring when you hit wildflower season and everything is in full bloom.

      Google "Windsong Cottage" and start there, you won't regret it.

  7. Looks like an amazing time! I love your blog! I discovered you over at Bleubird Vintage. I wanted to let you know about the 52 Weeks of Happiness Project over at my blog. I host a weekly carnival on Tuesdays where people are invited to share a photo of something that makes them happy. It's that simple. I would love to have you join in sometime. Here is a link to last week's post, if you want to check it out.


  8. Hi Leigh! I have always wanted to see someone write "I love your blog"! I love it, too!

    I just went to check out your blog. Is the only way to view it through BlogHer, or can I see it independent of that?

    Thank you for the invite. I will definitely check it out and try to participate. Also, your profile photo is adorable!


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