weekend plans

My main man is on a trip for the weekend, so I'm flying solo with Stella and Oliver for a few days. Tonight we had a little dinner out and a movie, and now they are off to bed and I'm setting up my portable workstation to start bedazzling some things and get myself back into a burlesque and costuming state of mind. I'm also drinking a makeshift hot toddy, and channel surfing for programming that only I could enjoy. AND I cleaned. Why am I more productive without my sweet David around? Hmmm....

Look at those Swarovskis in the little plastic bag. They are so beautiful! I'm going to have to do some thinking about how to integrate the really, really shiny ones with the other less shiny ones I received in the mail recently, and the pretty shiny ones I've had for ages. I'm excited to get on this project!

Tomorrow we're going to snuggle all morning, and in the afternoon head over to the East Bay to check out this nice looking Etsy event, curated by the sweet Victoria Smith of sfgirlbybay.

There is one artist scheduled to be there who I've been admiring from afar, and another seller has some of the most amazing paper pompoms I've ever seen. Also, there will be cupcakes, so the kids are all set. 

Then Stella and I are going to make our annual "Oscars Matrix", which looked like this last year:

The idea is to integrate recipes into more than one movie, so you're not cooking nine different dishes. Last year's hits were ice cream baked potatoes, for Toy Story's Mr. Potato Head, and an amazing chicken pot pie from an Ina Garten recipe. Also, Sriracha wings. Winter's bones. 

I haven't seen a single nominated movie this year. What a shame. I am dying to see The Artist.

And finally, to round out the weekend, lots more hanging out in our jammies and watching the awards. I would love to have people over on Sunday night for an Oscars get together, but our only television is in the bedroom, for nighttime movie viewing, and I am not throwing an Oscar party in our bed. So, I'll see you on the other side!


  1. Pssst... when you have a moment, please stop by my blog and accept your award! :)

    1. HI Dawn,

      Thank you SO much for the Liebster Award! My second time! I cannot get into your blog long enough to read anything, it bounces to some blank page with a little arrow emblem in the upper left corner. But thank you very much!

    2. You're very welcome! I really enjoy reading your blog, and wanted to share your writing and photos with my readers.

      Sorry about my blog's technical issues - I've been pulling my hair out, because a few people have said the same thing. :( However, I do believe I've finally sorted them out, so if you get a chance and want to stop by again, you may have better luck! :)

    3. Dawn! I am so glad you got it repaired! I will be back over on Thursday when I have a little time to sit down and do some reading. :)

  2. Ah that picture of the crystals reminded me of when I used to make bridal accessories. Good times. Alway so fun to work with sparkles. And your pot pie looks outrageously delicious!

    1. I LOVE working with rhinestones, it's the most fun part of costuming! I am hoping to do an entire pair of shoes sometime in the next few months. And you cannot go wrong with an Ina Garten recipe!


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