sunday walk

This past Friday, Stella was off on her first real sleepover, which meant Saturday morning David and I could ignore Oliver, drink tons of his coffee, and gorge ourselves on the internet, all guilt free. We ended up in jammies all day, so to redeem ourselves on Sunday we took a walk. To the Mission. For some vintage shopping and thrifting, and some lunch. It got so, so, so cold by the time we finished our late lunch that we ended up hightailing it home without hitting Thrift Town and the like. We'll try again soon.

 But first, I took my first shower in several days, and spent an extra ten minutes locked in the bathroom, working on these nails.

 This is my best angle these days. Working on it.

 Puerto Allegre on Valencia is always worth the wait.

 At Idol Vintage on 16th. I bought a clown outfit. Why? I already bought a different clown outfit from the same shop. And no one will wear them! It was eleven dollars, it's adorable. Oliver will wear it for me one day, I'm sure.


  1. Nice family outing! Hope the sleep-over went okay - girls are so independent! You look so cute!

    1. The sleepover went really well! The twins she stayed with usually don't sleep through the night and terrorize their mother, but somehow having Stella there made them all sleep for nine hours, which is basically a first in that household. So it was a win-win and I'll be sending her over there as much as I can.

      Thanks for the compliment. But do you know we took probably twenty shots and THAT was the best one? Something's gotta give over here! :)


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