naughty + nice

This is a public service announcement to all my fellow burlesque dancers, as well as any mommies out there who might want to be demure and a little sexy at the same time. I present to you:

TIGHTS WITH A GARTER PATTERN WOVEN IN! I love them! No one needs to know you're wearing them, unless your skirt "blows up"!

I got mine HERE, you can thank me later.

And, to all my architect and design minded friends, I was sitting on an Eames DAR, in front of our wonderful Danish filing cabinet full of drafting and painting supplies when I took this photo. 

By the way, we found "The Danish", as it's called around here, at a junky furniture shop in the lower Haight several years ago. Check it out:



  1. I've been fascinated with garters since I was in college but they always seemed like so much work, these have got my attention. I love the Danish! You have great pieces (it's almost impossible to find stuff like that in Hawaii).

  2. Hi Tania! They ARE so much work! When I use them to perform I do ridiculous things like attach the stockings at home and take the whole thing off as one piece, then at showtime put the whole thing on (both stockings and the garter) pre assembled, because I'm always worried I won't have time to get them on correctly and in time.

    I never thought of that about Hawaii, but sounds about right. Has IKEA made it over there? Have a wonderful weekend! xoxo


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