wolfeboro in the snow

The only thing that would've made my Christmas any better on a personal level would have been to be here, in Wolfeboro, all snowed in and watching some crazy dog sled race thought the center of Main Street. It's such a dream for me, and I wonder how it feels for all the people who stayed all these years and are still there. I have missed it, and my father and grandmother, and our old house, and my old friends (dead and alive) today, as I do every Christmas. The nostalgia is always overwhelming. We've had an absolutely perfect day, but this is the one thing that could've topped it. I'm not sure how many more years I can go wondering what it would be like to have a white Christmas again, I miss it so!


  1. So cool - where is Wolfeboro? NH? I didn't know you were a New Englander!!!

  2. I miss white Christmases a little as well ... who knows...maybe next year? *hopes*

  3. I love old pictures! This is great. I've never seen piles of snow on the ground if you can believe it. It's not that I've never been off this rock in the middle of the Pacific. I always just miss the snow. I'll be on the east coast for some business trip in the dead of winter, will return home to Hawaii and see snow on the Today show the next morning. I've seen it snowing but it always melted as it hit the ground.

  4. Wow, what an incredible photograph. It does seem so charming and whimsey. :-)I can see why you dream of it.

    It rarely snows where I live, but we did have a white Christmas 3 years ago by some miracle. It melted by noon, but still, it was there! I saw it!

  5. Ann! Wolfeboro, NH on Lake Winnipesaukee! I am pretty sure I mentioned my east coast lust on one of your posts. You are in Maine, right? Dreamy.

    This photograph was in my grandmother's photo collection, and I assume she or my grandfather took it. So amazing.

    Ladies, it's always greener (or whiter) on the other side of the fence, isn't it? ;)


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