winter concert

Tonight was Stella's winter concert at school. It was as adorable as it was last year. We were hoping David could get home in time, but he is super busy this week and couldn't. We turned around about an hour after arriving home from school to start walking back for the concert. It's getting wintery cold here now, so we ended up taking the bus after walking part way. I can only stand to use the stroller so many times a day. It's so pedestrian and mundane to me lately. So Oliver got a ride on my back, high heels and all.

I don't think I've mentioned that I gave Stella the first haircut of her entire life a few nights ago, but I did! She looks beautiful, of course. I still need a pro to take a crack at it and liven up the top, where (sob) her hair has stopped growing in curly.

Oliver was a good boy and watched the performance intently, clapping along with the applause and not making my night too hectic, until the concert let out and it was every kid for himself on the play yard. Total chaos. I was overwhelmed, even lost Oliver a few times.

We goofed our way back home in the dark, stopping at the market for mincemeat pies and cider. Turns out we don't like mincemeat pies.

This night reminded me of a few things. Of course it reminded me of all the performances I was in as a child, when schools weren't so cash strapped and these sorts of things happened all the time. It reminded me of this past summer, why I started this blog, to record our time with these two amazing kids. And finally, it reminded me that I wish Santa would bring me a real camera this year.


  1. Eck, We don't like mincemeat pie either.
    Tiffanie, your kids a gorgeous!

  2. SAME HERE, the camera, that's what I want too!!! I love your pictures anyway ; )

  3. Social Lilac, that is so sweet of you. Do you have a blog? I couldn't follow you back to it from your profile name.

    Thanks, Ann. I think it would make a world of difference! But at the same time, can I really lug a stroller, a two-year old and a Nikon around all day long? Something to consider!


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