winter party

I threw a little winter party for Stella and six of her girlfriends the other day. She invited four classmates and two twins (who I wish were my own children) who are not in her class. The girls were all told to show up in pajamas. I thought this could work as a pre-first-slumber-party exercise. David took Oliver off on a Japantown adventure, so we had the house to ourselves.

Everyone showed up exactly at 4:00, and everyone left promptly at 7:00. Just enough time for me to really enjoy this girl energy, crack some sarcastic jokes with the twins, endure silly screaming that could only have been louder at a Bieber concert, eat half the cookies they baked, and watch Stella have a pretty great time. We have been taking trips for her birthday the last few years, so she deserved a little party action on her own turf.

The girls jumped right into the crafts and baking. Somehow we ended up with a dance party break (why wouldn't we?) with these ladies all busting out some choreography from the recent winter talent show at their creative arts elementary school. I've never considered lip-syncing a talent, but hey, it gets the kids onstage. 

They ate a lot of candy and potato chips, then we did a gift exchange. Six years old may possibly be too young for this to be a comfortable concept for a child. You might want to hold off on something like this until you're dealing with second graders. It depends on the crowd, I suppose.

The party ended with some playing and messing around in Stella's room while some Rankin/Bass Christmas videos played in the living room. It was quick and easy. I don't think I've ever thrown a kids' party where the parents weren't invited. Really takes the stress off the preparations. I highly recommend it!

After this is when my body shut down. I immediately collapsed from the weight of the holidays, all the parties and food, and my two performances over the last week. I am even getting sick. It's fine. I am in perpetual motion and I love the moments when I can't handle it anymore. I've been crawling around like a turtle ever since. Happy holidays!


  1. How nice! looks like it was a GRAND success! Love the coffee table with stools (double-duty - great idea)!Now go get healthy! & Merry Christmas!!!

  2. Amazing!! How fun! Having all girls, I can totally relate to their energy and joy! Looks like they had a blast. I think 3 hours is perfect for a party. Love the photos and the crafts. Merry Christmas Eve to you! Hope you are feeling better.

  3. So much cuteness, I almost can't take it! Imma gonna start wearing a sequined cardi with my jammies too.

    The crafts looked like so much fun and the girls looked like they had a great time. Success!

    Take care mama, get some rest and drink some tea...

  4. Ah this looks so so fun! You are such a great mommy! (:
    Drink lots of tea, rest, get well soon! And Happy Happy Holidays!


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