date day

Today David and I got out of the house for six hours without the kids. Six hours! We have barely been out of our jammies since the night before Christmas, so the fresh air was nice. We took the bus down to the SFMOMA, where both of us were absolutely blown away by the work of the late photographer Francesca Woodman. We have both known people like her in school or in life, someone who is preternaturally talented or obsessed with their work, so her story and work really resonated with us. Her perspective and the way she interacted with her studio environment was unlike anything I have seen. And such a beauty. I want her monograph around for inspiration. My birthday is coming soon, what a great gift that would be.

Before we hit the art, we hit the gorgeous rooftop cafe, where I finally got the slice of Mondrian cake I have been waiting to try for so long. Worth the wait (and the weight, oh the weight, that's a story for another day).

After the museum, we did a little walking around Union Square to see the lights before heading back to our neighborhood for my second trip to Ragazza in less than two weeks. We had some great food and an amazing bottle of wine. Love that place. 

David and I haven't had that much time together since our anniversary last May, when I think we had about ten hours alone together. Such a luxury and so worth the expense. One of the many downsides of living so far from our families. Hoping to do this again when my mother comes to town next month! It was a great day.

Work by a San Francisco artist named Rosana Castrillo Diaz. These graphite on paper drawings of rubber bands and stacks of envelopes were some of my favorites today. Detailed, precise work of objects suspended in space. Especially mundane objects.

Two of me, until the me from my past joins my present self. See?


  1. Yay for date-time! Great pictures too! Going to see are is great inspiration for us types - isn't it?!!! The Mondrian cake is so cool!

  2. I've always wanted to go to SFMOMA! What a fun date day...

  3. you guys are such a cute couple! Glad you got out on a day date! I love those!

  4. You looked lovely.
    That cake looks divine!

  5. What a fabulous day and date!! You look absolutely stunning! I love those boots.

    The artwork is brilliant. Six hours of free and together time is tremendous.

    Love your day! So happy for you.

  6. I can't go wrong posting about a date with my hubby, can i? ;) Thanks for all that love, and yes! Seeing art has got me charged up for sure. That and being in the city alone with a grown up and without constant chitter chat. That really recharged my batteries!

    Boots were a Christmas gift by my mom, by the way. Thanks, Mom!


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