round up: all about ollie

Winter break starts in a few weeks and I couldn't be more excited. I can't wait to have Stella home with us all day instead of at school. I was looking through my photos and realizing how few photos I have taken of Stella over the last month. I'm chock full of photos of Oliver, of course, because we are together all day, every day. I'm looking forward to some quality alone time with my little lady soon. For now, here's Ollie.

All the time with the steps.

These shots are from a morning photo shoot with my friend Lauren Crow, who is including me and Oliver in a project she's doing for photography school. She's one of a kind, and I'm pretty excited about being included.

Oliver is always poised to laugh. We remember Stella being like this, too, but Oliver is just really on call to party. All the time.


Stella took this pose a little more seriously when she was his age.



  1. Little ones and steps, they just love them and I think they love the camera too! I enjoy their innocence and their love of the world, so willing to explore and share! Enjoy winter break :)

  2. Hi Lucy! Yes, and Oliver is a wild man when he's let loose, which is why it's so hard in the city to let him run free all the time. If he wasn't such a wild man I'd let him walk the whole way home from my daughter's school every day, but then it would take four hours! Happy holidays!


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