little gifts

David! Be sure Stella isn't peeking over your shoulder while you read this!

The current blogging trend of curating a collection of photographs of vintage toys and items because they are beautiful and vintage sometimes can bother me. It makes me feel covetous. I want to get all those things! I need them! Some of these posts are great for commerce, like a nice, unsponsored, well thought out shopping guide. But some are there just to make me jealous, I swear.

That said, I have gotten a few good ideas from the above-mentioned types of blog posts, so go tell that.

This Christmas there are a lot of pre-owned and vintage items under the tree for Stella. And some sweet new things from Etsy. Don't tell her what she's getting, please!

Acorn cap hats and little figures to paint and decorate for her upcoming "girls-only winter party". I got them here, at naturalkidsandtoys.

Stella has recently taken up sewing. I think Santa will be bringing these. He will get them from junecraft.

I really found a new appreciation for this type of graphic when we were at Disneyland in October and saw an exhibit of the work of Mary Blair, the artist behind "It's a Small World". I am not sure she actually did these designs, but I love this pillowcase. It is also for Stella.

Stella asked for a coffee maker. I guess she got tired of dripping her own (I can relate!). The wooden ones out there are built to work like those terrible, environmentally unfriendly single-cup cartridge coffee makers. I coudn't abide. I found this awesome, cheap as dirt, vintage coffee maker, toaster, food processor, and plate set on Etsy. It's getting split up between the two kids.

Unsexy Barbie clothes! This was a major, major score FOR SANTA. He said he found them for ten bucks. Yadda!

What else? Fashion Plates! I got them this summer for a pretty penny, but I know she will love them like I did. A vintage bright pink cloak I found at a shop in Upper Haight. The rest of Christmas is a cross between mad anthropologist and faerie. That's what's up when you're six years old, I guess!


  1. Unsexy Barbie clothes! hahaha
    I loved that. My collection of Barbie clothes were mostly unsexy as well. Mostly "hand-me downs" from my aunts and older cousins or a few pieces my mom had sewn for them when she had time. I admit however, that those were my favorite clothes. Or my Barbie's favorite clothes. Whatever.
    I'm sure Stella will love all her gifts. And I promise not to tell her.

  2. Cool stuff! I'm feeling behind!!!

  3. I love all of it! The acorn caps on the wooden peeps are going to be so much to do and adorable. I'm a sucker for felt ornaments and can browse endlessly on etsy, should take up sewing as well...The coffee maker will make a lovely addition to her big girl kitchen.

    I went to Disney for my honeymoon, many moons ago. I had never been so my ex hubby planned it. My favorite ride was it's a small world (I'm not the adrenaline type). I never thought about who the designer or artist was, thank you for her name, I'm definitely going to read more about her.

  4. That should be the acorns caps are going to be so much FUN to do...ha ha..

  5. Larissa,
    These vintage clothes have a certain appeal that make me wish I had real human lady versions of most of them! I keep wanting to make Stella some, but sewing has never been my forte. With all my costuming, I'm much more of a "glue-gunner"!

    Ann, your comments always make me chuckle. Aren't you cranking out awesome homemade gifts over there, anyway? :)

    Tania, have you seen the site Draw!Pilgrim? She is an Australian graphic designer who seems to have been influenced a little by Mary Blair, and she does some pretty work. I think she actually designed the header for Modern Kiddo, which is one of those blogs that is based on helping you remember all the awesome vintage things from your past. So many times they post photos of things I had as a child that I had forgotten, and it gives me such a neat feeling to remember them!


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