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Liebster Blog Awards

Earlier in the month I was happy to hear that the lovely Tania, from MauiShopGirl, had put me on her list of Liebster Blogs. Liebster means favorite, or beloved, in German, and this award helps draw attention to bloggers like myself, that would like to spread the word even further and make some new friends along the way. Tania is a blogger I met through BlogHer's daily blogging exercises in November and December of this year. She is someone who enjoys lifting people up, and unapologetically uses her blog to share what inspires her. I enjoy reading her blog, and I enjoy the comradery we have found within the group of participants we met this year.

Here's what you do when you receive a Liebster Blog Award:

1. Copy and paste the award on your blog.
2. Thank the giver and link back to the blogger who gave it to you.
3. Reveal your top five picks and let them know by leaving a comment on their blog.
4. Hope that your followers will spread the love to other bloggers.

Here are my top five picks, all "smaller" blogs like mine which deserve to reach a larger audience. Images used below are from their respective blogs.

This is the blog of Ohdeedoh writer Richard Popovic, a musician, environmentalist and stay-at-home dad with some great recipes, a darling baby daughter, and an honest witty take on a variety of things. Definitely check him out. He also put my blog on the map this year by featuring three different projects of mine at Ohdeedoh, but that's not why I'm listing him here. Thanks, though, Richard!

The work of the beautiful Marie, documenting her knitting projects she uses "to handle the angst". Her work is lovely, but she doesn't blog enough. Hopefully she will think about blogging more now! ;)

Burlesque Mama is a dancing colleague of mine and a gorgeous lady who is brutally honest about body image, moments of bad and good parenting, strained relations with in-laws, and adventures in homemaking. Dig deep into her blog archives to find great retro style instruction and inspiration, and a whole lot of irreverent commentary on parenting and children that is great for a laugh or three.

This is Ann's blog. I met her through the BlogHer exercises. What I love the most about her blog is her prolific sketching. Ann is a very talented artist, and I believe a graphic designer, who adds a new sketch to almost every blog entry she writes. Her writing and recipes are compelling, don't get me wrong, but I love a prolific artist. Someone who loves it so much they keep on doing it. I am really into her lineweights, too. Oh, and her awesomely creative art projects like this print she made with carved styrofoam. 

Her sewable designs are simple, adorable and vintage-inspired. Stella got one of her little kits for Christmas, and I see more coming in the future. I wish she would blog more often! She may be overqualified for the Liebster...I can't be sure how many followers she has, but I do light up whenever she posts something.


  1. What a lovely list..I have some new blogs to enjoy! Thank you for the kind words and have a great day Tiffanie!

  2. Lovely! I love that award. It is so sweet and a great way to reach out to others and share small blogs. I'm really happy I met you through Blogher as well. :-)

  3. I'm thinking I really like that Burlesque Momma ~ Thanks for sharing your selection!

    All the best, Red Dirt Kelly

  4. Thank you Tiffanie! Looks like I am in good company - good blogs to check out!!!

  5. Thanks, ladies, all of whom I met on BlogHer! I still haven't figured out what to do with BlogHer besides these daily writing challenges. Is that all there is to it? Can anyone enlighten me?


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