the whistler and the whistling wind

I had the morning off this morning. I met a fellow dancer downtown at the Alonzo King Lines Dance Center to choreograph and rehearse an act for a show in September and also did some window shopping. In the afternoon the temperatures plummeted, right when we met our friends Beth, Dani and Maddy in the Panhandle. Stella has been teaching herself to whistle. I love hearing it when I'm in another room. She practices a lot.

This crazy fungus is growing in the Panhandle on a tree as I write this.

The Divisadero Art Walk was tonight. It only happens every three months so we hate to miss it. This night, I think due to the cold, foggy weather, the crowds were smaller and the excitement a little less exciting. It really is more like trick-or-treating for free cheese and cookies for the kids than it is an art experience for us, although last year we did buy a great piece of stencil work by a local artist at one of the exhibits. Usually we just come away with snacks.

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