building a dollhouse from SCRAP

Note: Our dollhouse was featured at Apartment Therapy on August 24, 2011!

Here she is, the dollhouse we built entirely from architectural samples and scrap wood from, well, SCRAP-SF. There ain't much to it, but if you read on you'll see what kind of action it's getting.

Don't get me started on the Barbies. I'm not really sure how they got here to begin with.

Custom cabinetry and counter from a yardstick.
Barbie better get on that laundry, it's piling up.

(Left) a room with a view, (right) curtains made from wallpaper samples.

Building an addition.

Party in full swing!

I picked up this rattan doll furniture last year for Stella's birthday at a vintage shop in the Mission.

Front door curtains need to be hemmed. Even that butterfly fabric is from SCRAP.

(Left) a stain sample board makes an awning, (right) Stella's interior design.

View of rear wall.

Upper floor bathroom.

Another interior shot, before the storm.

Stella has waited a long time for a dollhouse. Probably not THIS dollhouse, but she's making good use of it! I enjoyed being limited by just the pieces we picked up at SCRAP. Minimal cuts were made, everything fell together nicely. And of course we could always add more, as long as David doesn't mind moving it around for us. It's a behemoth! 



  1. I love this doll house! I've been itching to make a doll house with my girls for a while now. This is such a great inspiration. I love that it's all scrap stuff! We're starting to work on a collection of scraps and recyclables that we can use to make our own scrap doll house. Did you use a solid piece for the flooring or just piece together multiple pieces? Thanks for the great idea!!!

  2. Hi Shoebotmom,

    Thank you! That floor is made from an architectural flooring sample, something you would show a client, so it is a swatch containing several flooring boards mounted on a plywood backing. I am making a dollhouse for a friend's daughter for Christmas and hope I can find something similar to make hers with.

    A tip: The floor doesn't have to be as long as the roof. I extended the roof past the perimeter of the floor, and it allows extra space to be created under the extended roof without a bigger floor footprint. I actually think it's one of the most engaging parts of the house.

    Thank you again for your nice comment. Good luck with your house!


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