what the cat dragged in

Oliver having been night weaned has given me the "luxury" to go out and tie one on. So I did last night, at another fantastic show by Bombshell Betty and her Burlesqueteers, featuring some of my former burlesque classmates and pals. The theme was Hollywood and there were some super acts. I slept in full makeup last night, including false eye lashes. Last night they went on easily and perfectly, for once! I felt compelled to document them before I peeled them off.

Jammies, puzzles, putting stereo cords in our mouths, wearing clip-on ties:

A late afternoon walk. Here's a peek at a cooling rack through the window of the delicious Nopalito, in Falletti Plaza. Nopalito serves some fantastic and unique AND organic homestyle Mexican food. My Mexican American husband loves it, reminds him of his relatives cooking.

We stopped at Verde SF, a flower shop also in Falletti Plaza. Lovely flowers, lots of dahlias right now. Monica, the shop owner, is a sweetheart. Nine times out of ten Stella gets a free flower or two from her.

I chopped two pounds of carrots for a recipe while Oliver read his favorite SpongeBob SquarePants book. Bedtime early tonight!


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