dada, i'm on a boat!

Ferry ride to Sausalito. Having worked in Sausalito for almost ten years, I've taken every form of transit there is to get there. The Ferry can't be beat, of course. So lovely. I enrolled Stella in ballet classes in Sausalito years ago just so I could keep traveling there (and it didn't hurt that the planning department, where I had a lot of business to tend to, is in the same building as the ballet class). This was Oliver's first boat trip if I recall correctly.*** He loved it, of course. 

Here's the view from my old office to the city, totally enshrouded in fog (and my finger, again!), and a shot of my old office: 

My window was on the left, out the side deck of the brown building in the center of the photo. Gazillion dollar view.

We spent a few hours eating ice cream, checking out the toy shops and an art gallery featuring the sculptures and even stranger art of Dr. Seuss, then we were ready to head back to San Francisco. I needed a break from hauling everyone home on the bus, so the kids got a movie and a cuddle with Dad when we got home.


***I didn't recall correctly! David reminded me of our ferry ride to Sausalito right before his first birthday!

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