a gem

Glen Park. A gem of a hidden gem of a neighborhood. The first time a friend brought me here, we walked from Noe Valley, over and down Chenery Street toward the center of commerce for the area. I remember feeling like I had walked through a portal into some unknown, quaint little town and was no longer in San Francisco. I feel like that every time I end up here. I should do a post highlighting some of the great things you can find in Glen Park.

Until then, here is a post highlighting the greatest thing you can find in Glen Park: Glen Park Canyon! A secluded, gorgeous, green walk through tree tunnels and blackberry brambles. Steep climbs up rocky hills and onto boulders. Possibly a coyote family or two. An incredible escape from the city within the city. 

We met our friends Melissa, Rocio and Kesenia here today and took a two hour hike through the canyon. Stella and Rocio have done this a dozen times or so, each, so they really know the lay of the land. This was Oliver's first hike here, and he did not let me pick him up once! What a little man. We had a wonderful time and picked just a few blackberries, as it looked like we were about two weeks early for them to be really ripe. We'll be back for the rest of them!

Back at the ranch, snuggles and giggles as usual.


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