you are a winner!

It's as if the online randomizer I used to select the winner knew who had left the sweetest comment (not a requirement, of course)! Deb Polo, you are now the proud owner of two brand new donut pans, a few donut fire starters, some brittle, a secret donut project that I've done that may or may not ever end up here due to technical issues, some chalk and a crayon donut or two. I will get my end of it in the mail by the end of this week and let Wilton know to send you your set of pans. Email me your mailing address at sfcornerblogathotmaildotcom. Yay, Deb! You're so awesome, xoxoxo!

Here's the randomizer shot, the only one I ran:

Thank you EVERYONE who commented. It looks like the gumdrops were the favorite, with the marshmallows and eggs a close second, and I think I agree, although I will always think the madeleines were brilliant! If and when I see my donut-shaped beauties on the printed page, it will be because of your support. I really appreciate it!


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