donut pan idea no. 22: two ounces

I had been saving this idea until I get closer to completing the last of the posts of our 101 Donut Pan Ideas project, which is when I expect I'll be plum out of them (ideas). Then I'll dredge up all of the top suggestions I get from friends, family and readers. Things that come to one's mind first, like soap and candles, or actual DONUTS, which my husband will be so happy about. But after having spent about eight hours over the course of two days this past week trying and photographing two variations of a total FAIL of an idea (arrrrrgh!), I'm sharing this no brainer today in order not to lose momentum. I have an amazing seasonal donut project coming up later this week, but for now, here you go. They are less exciting and beautiful than our ice donuts, but equally as practical. Frozen broth (or stock or pesto or wine for cooking or baby food or what-have-you) portions. Wow!

Most people have heard the suggestion to freeze leftover broth or stock in an ice cube tray. Great idea, I do it myself. But ice cubes are only about an ounce. Turns out, a Wilton donut pan holds TWO fluid ounces (which equals 1/4 cup). Maybe that makes them a little more convenient to dole out and use in a recipe. Maybe the flat geometry of these frozen portions helps them defrost or melt down a little quicker. All I know is that they are a way to use your donut pan, and that's what I'm all about.

I don't need to tell you how to do this, do I? :)

Measure two ounces of your liquid, pour into donut pan cavity, repeat as necessary, freeze pan overnight. The next day pop them out of the pans, pile into a freezer bag labeled with the date and name of the liquid (I read stock and broth can last two months in the freezer). I would also note the two ounce measurement on the bag, leaving less room for error when you're cooking. And, we're done.

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