yard bomb

Yard Bomb

One platter assorted crepe paper streamers
One bowl multicolored chalk
Eight seven-year-old girls
One yard

Say "go". Cover ears. Watch girls go crazy. If neighbor needs to get to grocery store, let her drive on through!

I pulled this game out of thin air the morning of Stella's birthday party this weekend. Thank goodness I'm a piñata maker and happen to have rolls and rolls of streamers. I was so relieved they were into it. Actually, THEY LOVED IT! These photos are so out of focus because the girls didn't stop moving for over an hour. I loved the teamwork when they decided to make a web for our neighbor to crash through with her car. So fun!


  1. Looks like they really enjoyed it!! Such happy little ladies!

    1. They did! They were!

      Kristin, I just checked out your blog super quick and I WILL BE BACK! I like what I see so far, and already put some of those cloth napkins you wrote about in my Etsy shopping cart. Thank you for stopping by here!

  2. GREAT FUN! and your full party post is also sweet and wonderful. you is a good mama. we did something similar last year for my daughter's birthday when it was raining in JUNE. 8 girls made toilet paper dresses and then had a fashion show. soon after, they ripped off the toilet paper and proceeded to have a huge TP fight/trash the living room. there was screaming and out of breath crazy joy.

    1. Hi Nicky! The toilet paper dress thing was what I think inspired me to do this thing with the streamers. I had in the back of my mind all week that if I didn't come up with an activity for the party it would be okay, but that I had a twelve pack of Scott in the bathroom to do something with in case they got bored (never!). Then that morning I saw my streamer stash and after painful debate decided to let them destroy it all, instead! :)


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