round up: early fall

Over a month since I rounded up recent memories here. Better do it now lest I bury these photos in my files somewhere and forget.

Something I don't have a photo of: Last Sunday morning around 9:00 I awoke to heavy, loud, slurpy breathing coming out of the bathroom. I sprang out of bed and ran to see what was going on. Oliver had shoved his new green vampire teeth into his mouth, turned on the bathroom light (new trick), and was watching himself breathe heavily in the mirror. It was such a surprising thing! He finally weaned early in September and moved into his own bed where he magically can sleep through the night, wakes up without screaming for me and keeps himself entertained until we wake up. It all happened so fast, but the three years of anticipation behind it makes it totally surreal. He's a big boy now.

Winter goose eggs. I can't wait to get to work on them.

My new shirt.

Croissants for breakfast every Saturday lately.

Outside of New Conservatory Theater waiting to see Bollywood Sleeping Beauty. It was amazing.

Certain times of year our north-facing kitchen gets light reflected off of our neighbor's
window. I am desperate for direct light, there is very little of it in our place.

All over the floor all the time.

Enjoy it while you can. Exactly my philosophy ever since he was born.

When it rains it pours.

Pumpkin pancake mix and chocolate beet donuts for Stella's classroom party.

David had a birthday. xoxo

Our last family trip to the pool a few weeks ago. This photo makes me a little sad. Miss those days already.

Stella's first wish on rare warm evenings. Drawing and dinner on the stoop.

Cruddy phone photos, but I don't want to forget the other warm night
we had this year. Picnic in the Panhandle followed by t-ball. xoxo

Family Sunday visit to SFMOMA to catch the Cindy Sherman exhibit right before it ended. Prolific.

Finally trying the Mondrian Cake, which David and I enjoyed last winter on a great date day.

The tip of the iceberg from a super fun night out with the ladies. Lots of laughs.


  1. what a great way to enjoy recent past before moving on. i need to get on your activity schedule; bollywood sleeping beauty!? too great. and you guys look great too.

    1. Grass is always greener, wouldn't I love to live in a bucolic little town still within the gravitational pull of the city like you do! We have been out and about more than I like these days, but fun. Looking forward to a SLOW NOVEMBER!

      Thank you for the complement, you are a doll. :)

  2. Lovely photos! Such a great little peek into your world. Thanks for sharing :)

    1. Chelsea! Somehow I lost track of your blog but just added it to my reading list. Your work is SO inspiring, you are such a gifted artist. And prolific, which I love. Thank you for coming through here. You just reminded me I'm your fan! :)


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