birthday girl ❤

Today is Stella's seventh birthday. Any parent could easily wax on and on about their love of their child, that is not news. I could tell you more about how stunning she is, inside and out, and about what a surprisingly brave girl she's become, but anyone who knows her knows that. What I want to say, rather what I want to know is, where did my little baby girl go? There was a definite, finite end to when Stella stopped being a strange and adorable little cherub girl and when she started being who she is now. It's like having two children in one.

I love Stella, as any parent would, with every fiber of my being. My mother is a fierce and powerful lover of her children and I am, too. Maybe even to a fault. But we all feel this way, right? As much as I love Stella and love watching her grow up, I miss the little version of that bub SO, SO much. I will always remember the first few years of her life (attached to me ALWAYS) as completely mystical. I've said this before, but sometimes I can totally relate to people who have baby after baby. I also think that's a little crazy-making and I don't know women actually do that without losing their minds, but come on! Look how adorable and helpless!

Happy, happy birthday to you, our sweet Stella! We are head over heels for you. We love you so. You are more than we ever hoped for!



  1. She's beautiful, Tiffanie! Happy Birthday Stella! Blessings to you!

    1. Thank you so much, LT. As I've said before, I hope she turns out a lot like you! xo

  2. a lovely post. tear jerking, in fact. sniff...


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