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Stella is turning seven this Friday. I may or may not take a minute on Friday to wax on about how awesome she is. For now, I'll just show you the little gifts I wrapped up for her today. Last year her gift was a trip to Disneyland, this year it's a little party like this one, a few little gifts and a donation to the SPCA. In the amount of thirty dollars, because that's what she requested. What a doll (understatement).  

Seven years old is an interesting age for gifting. I can tell Stella holds on to things from when she was smaller in an almost nostalgic way already, things that she's probably outgrown. She is still always game for cooking in her play kitchen, which to be honest is so well stocked that I am almost always game to play in it with her. It's hard for me to differentiate what age I started being able to use certain things when I was little. Is seven too young to make a potholder on a loom? Is seven too old to invest in any more fake food? I guess I'll find out Friday.

One of the only pastries not in her kitchen yet, French macarons!

Four super-sweet crocheted Barbie outfits, each with a matching accessory. LOVE these! I found them on Etsy.

 She is going to LOVE this book! The whole family saw this movie in the theater during the Studio Ghibli Animation Film Festival last month. This particular film has some very Lebbeus Woods moments in it, which
David and I both appreciate as we are fans of both Hayao Miyazaki and Woods.

I think she'll be able to figure this thing out. If not, I'll use it!

Stella asked for a stapler, but probably forgot about it which makes it even better. 

Sorely needed shoes and a bracelet we picked out together at a gallery of Mexican art
called Polanco after we saw a play together last weekend. That memory deserves a "❤". 

Not for Stella, for her doll. I found a tutorial online on how to pierce the doll's ears with a drill, and I am eager to give it a try. I almost think the kids shouldn't watch me do it. It'll probably be pretty disturbing!

I had just enough flowers left over from my crepe paper flower DIY last week to decorate all of her packages. Bonus! I added some greenery and they look really beautiful.


  1. We got the looms when the girls turned 6. So far I've made one lovely potholder :-) Did the unidentified accessory for her dollhouse arrive yet? We're not sure what it is but it's embroidered by Dani with love! Happy Birthday Stella! We miss you and hope your Mommy will photoshop the twins into your bday pictures! xoxox

    1. I can't wait to use the thing myself! No unidentified anything yet, but birthday isn't until Friday so still time. Hahaha, I would love to doctor up a photo so the twins are in it, but I don't know how to do that stuff! xoxo

  2. i know a different, darling stella who is turning 7 in october as well! she's taking her friends for a fairy walk for her party!

    looks like you have collected some very beautiful and thoughtful items for your sweet stella, from doll accessories to a stapler, LUV it! it's all about listening to what they REALLY want. and, your wrapping is quite stellar, LUV the flowers!

    1. Fairy walk sounds like a super sweet idea. Thanks for your comments, Lola! My grandfather used to always make fun of me wrapping things in old bags and sending homemade cards, so much so that I started wrapping his gifts in extra-strange household paper goods (can't even tell you what here!) to get a good laugh! :)

  3. Just LOVE these gifts! Pierced ears for her doll - cool idea! My daughter turned 7 last month. She got an American Girl Doll from Grandma and from us she wanted to visit a cave. That was the reason we went to NH. Have you been to the Polar Caves? I loved it! Unfortunately my daughter found out she is a little claustrophobic : (

    1. We were right up near there in July! We went to Glen to go to Storyland when we were on our summer vacation. LOVE that place. Will definitely be checking out the Polar Caves next trip to NH. I grew up in NH, as you know, and I've never been to those caves. The Flume is up that way, too, and is a wonderful place to hike.

  4. We went to Storyland too! It is the best! I can't help but be happy there!!! We didn't visit the flume gorge this time but it is super cool! I really do love NH!!!


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