corners: the elephants in the room

I wanted to finish this post I've been thinking about lately before we start the downhill slide into the Christmas crazies. That's a super-collective we, by the way. 

What is it about the elephant? I love the elephant because it is peaceful to look at and easily iconic. When I was in India, another lifetime ago, I had the pleasure of watching a trained elephant in a Hindu temple realize he needed to relieve himself, back up ten feet to the gutter, and take the biggest pee I've ever seen. I have a photo I took of that moment somewhere, I'll have to find it.

I know people who have even more elephants in their houses than we do, which is amazing. Once you spot one, there's always another. People with kids usually have at least three times as many elephants, but almost everyone has at least a few.

Here are the ones I found just on a cursory run around the house this morning. Beat that!

 I made this little guy. He used to have a lot of friends.

 Key to the "chokeables" cabinet.

 One of many, many elephant toys (not to mention books).

 Older Fisher Price.

 Elephants on blankets, more where these came from.

One of the first gifts I bought for Stella. Windy had the same idea.


The mobile I made for Stella out of five beautiful stuffed elephants. I treasure it and will hand it down to her, if I can ever find it again.


  1. I like this post - we have that same plastic baby toy elephant and I bet I could find a bunch more!

  2. I love your elephants, I have quite a few in my home also. Have you heard of 3 sprouts? They make really cute organic canvas bins with felt animals on the outside. The elephant and hippo are lovely for a child's room.

    I was going to write a similar posts about owls! Except I'm not a mama so the "owl problem" is all mine. I know the reason though, as a child, I'd see owls flying at dusk if we were coming home later and were driving past agricultural land. Owls are also very symbolic as elephants are. I can never resist a vintage owl piece on etsy.

  3. Thanks, Ann. You should sketch it! I sketched the FP hippo a few months ago while we were hanging out drawing and it was fun to study how the plastic had been joined together, etc.

    Mauishopgirl, I'll look up 3 Sprouts. Do the owl post! I'd love to see how many you actually have. I remember being at some gas station in the desert years ago and a while owl silently soared by us in the night sky. It was so wild, I'd never seen anything shaped like that flying before.

    Colleen, let's see those monkeys and frogs!

    Seriously, if you two do posts like that link them back in the comments here. It'll be fun!


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