building blocks

I'm not one for putting the cart before the horse, ever, really. But I've been writing and posting photos (uh, blogging?) here on "corner blog" for six months and have been thinking about how to spread the word a little further. While brainstorming a few promotional "buttons" last week, I got some feedback from an old client who has amazing personal style and great architectural vision. She is also a creative director at a major advertising firm, so I thought I should give her idea a try. 

Her idea of "analog type in digital spaces" was appealing. Initially I set some more traditional children's blocks up on my dresser, in front of my giant wall of burlesque costumes. It ended up feeling too dark and too stuffy. I tried placing the blocks in front of my giant collection of Harper's Bazaar and Vogue magazines, but the light wasn't good, and that situation is unmovable.

Then I remembered I had an alternative, these gorgeous Alexander Girard blocks given to Stella by my friend and former employer Barbara. It took a while to arrange them in a way that read well, but I didn't mind, I was playing with blocks!

This one could use a crop on the bottom for sure. And it's a little overexposed.

Each shot has a little something wrong with it (especially that greasy looking but delicious Philz coffee in my cup). The flowers are from David. He brought them back for Stella and I after a coffee run this morning. Oliver destroyed my block logo the second I walked away from the table, so I don't imagine I'll have the time or gumption to set this up again anytime soon.

Tell me, which one do you think?


    I'd go with the first shot, everything about it is lovely.
    How fun! xo

  2. I agree, definitely the first image. What wonderful blocks, real beauties!

  3. Oooh, Karin, I'm glad you LOVE IT! Consensus is for the first shot amongst facebook pals. Thanks for the idea, I'm sending this one off to "draw pilgrim", which is one of the first sites I'm buying a little sponsorship from. :)

    Thank you for your input, Sonya!


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