cook the box #1, night #3

cook the box

Night #3:
Potato problems. We get A LOT of potatoes from the farm. I would say 50% of them sit in the refrigerator long enough that they probably shouldn't be eaten, but we do manage to eat most of them, begrudgingly, in the form of oven fries. I've never been a potato gal, except for French fries, and David thinks they are "white people food". He never developed a taste for them.

Ha! I found a Rick Bayless recipe for potato tacos. I used the full two pounds that came in the box last week. Chopped 'em up real good, boiled them, sautéed some chorizo with some onion and added the cooked potatoes. I threw in about a half teaspoon of salt, too.

The biggest surprise of this recipe was the great tomatillo-avocado salsa. It's great because it doesn't require roasting or charring the tomatillos first, which most of David's family recipes require. Huge time saver, and it tasted delicious.

Three tomatillos, two serranos, one garlic clove, a half teaspoon of salt, and an avocado. Peel those tomatillos, crush that clove, trim those peppers and blend until smooth with the flesh of that avocado and the salt. Done.

Warmed up some tortillas and had ourselves some potato tacos, along with the rest of the salad greens. This recipe would've been WAY better if we had fried the potatoes in the tortillas. We'll do that next time, and probably with Soyrizo, but had to test the recipe this way first.

What's left from box #1:
Broccoli, loads more garlic, green beans and four small Tokyo turnips, in case you're keeping score.

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