cook the box #1, final night

cook the box
 Yeah, that really happened.

Final night:
While I was walking today, I thought of a brilliant way to kill the rest of the box. Fondue! I wanted to do a beer and cheese fondue, but I was pretty sure the kids wouldn't like it, so I made the simplest concoction you can think of. A quick roux of half and half, salt, Worcestershire sauce, a crushed garlic clove, flour and dry mustard powder. Melt in cheese of your choice. I did a pot of Swiss and a pot of cheddar.  

We "fondued" some cubes of bread, apple slices, and the remaining Tokyo turnips and broccoli, which I steamed first. I also roasted the remaining green beans from this week's box with a coat of oil and salt, and turned them into crispy bean fries, which Oliver actually loved. He's not big on vegetables, so this is exciting for me. David was out with a friend tonight, in case you're wondering where his skewer is in these photos.

After that, we played dead skeleton, then dance party, then night four of Halloween candy meltdown (not pictured).

I have to admit, this might be the first time in the three or four years we've subscribed to our CSA box that we have eaten every morsel from the box. Usually there is some pile of potatoes or carrots that gets left behind. I am sure the idea of photographing and sharing my cooking is what tipped the scale. A worthwhile endeavor!


  1. I've never had fondue. Can you believe it? I feel like the only one. There is a Melting Pot in Lahaina but it is so expensive and I've heard it's not that great so maybe I'll give it a shot at home one day.

    1. It's pretty darn easy to do at home, and if you gobble it up quickly you don't necessarily need a flame under it to keep it loose enough. It is tons of fun.

      I love that you found this post six months after I posted it. It's crazy for me to look at how much the kids, especially Oliver, have grown since I took those photos. I'm going to sit down soon and read through the whole last year (Memorial Day will be one year since I started). :)


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