These are buttons. They are the ones I've designed as I look to expand the idea of corner blog and its readership. They are at the actual size they will be on the blogs I share them with. I like the human element and the clues that I am a "mommy blogger", of sorts, the button in the middle portrays. I love the color pop of the one on top, and I think the tunnel image on the bottom button is compelling. 

Any thoughts? Or another photo you've seen herein that might better represent the blog as it is evolving? I'm just happy I figured out how to make these at all. I used to consider myself a luddite, after all.


  1. I like the top one best for some reason.... although the photo of you kissing your babe is precious. The tunnel is such a cool shot, but with the name'corner blog' i'm wanting to see a corner... Just my 2 cents.

  2. Hi Colleen! I really appreciate your input. All of my friends I asked agree with you, and one had one more nice idea I'll try in the next few days.

    I should maybe try something that represents a corner, huh? I think of "corner" on so many ways, but maybe a literal graphic is a good idea. I'll think on that one!


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