a banner year

I love the new banner (and the salvaged sign, see below) for the recently opened Playland at the Conservatory of Flowers. The banner knocked my socks off and literally took my breath away when I saw it for the first time. I am somewhat of a banner fanatic, as well as a "red and blue" fanatic (see here). I have a tiny collection of banners, all of them procured from the Conservatory of Flowers over the past few years. These graphics get me charged up. My photography of my own banners below is terrible, forgive me.

 From the 2009 Golden Gate Express Garden Railway exhibit.

Each banner has an image of the south elevation of the Conservatory somewhere on it.

Detail from 2010 Golden Gate Express banner.

This banner hangs in Stella's room. The Healing Power of Plants was the exhibit running at the time of her birth.

Last week on our way to a benefit for Stella's school, we walked her friend Amelia and her father home. Our walk every day up and down the Panhandle is lovely, but their walk to and from school through the north east corner of the park trumps ours. We passed the Conservatory along the way.

Playland at the Beach was an amusement park located on Ocean Beach at the western end of the city, but closed in 1972. This current exhibit features artifacts from the now defunct park. And again a railroad. They sure are squeezing a lot of mileage out of that electric train set, but the kids love it.

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