rain, SCRAP, and plans for a new dollhouse

The fourth of July is exactly a month away. Pouring down rain again. David got up early and Oliver got up to help him with his project:

After some eggs and homemade refried beans from my late mother-in-law's soup recipe, we headed out to SCRAP-SF. It is quite an amazing place in the Bayview area that sells just about any sort of old architectural sample, button, ball, paper, glass, frame, toy.....anything and everything! And so darn cheap! We came home with a small trunk load of wood, paper, stamps, soundproofing material, and toys, all for eleven dollars. 

We're working up a dollhouse for Stella. That's what the wood scraps are for. Here are the kids working on the plans:

After all that work, Stella changed for dinner.


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