flamenco friday

A lifetime ago I studied flamenco. For over six years I poured my heart and soul and every extra dime I had into lessons and shoes.  I was not fully formed as a person at that time, and you could tell by the way I danced. I was mediocre at best, but I was still very dedicated and passionate about it. My teacher was the incredible Yaelisa Petlin, our class accompanist was her husband Jason McGuire, a truly stupendous guitarist. It was an honor to have studied with them.

Last Friday night the de Young Museum hosted Yaelisa, Jason and their troupe, Yaelisa & Caminos Flamencos, who performed to mark the recent opening of a Picasso exhibit. The performance was in the main interior atrium space and was free. We had hoped to get there early enough to see the Balenciaga and Spain exhibit, but it was near Oliver's witching hour, so we decided not to risk it. Stella came prepared.

She was a vision It took about five seconds for her to be up and stomping and twirling away to the canned music before the show. It took about five more seconds for her to meet some new little friends.

It melts my heart to see Oliver stand near his big sister like this. 

Some shots of the show:

I hate to describe it like this, so cliche, but they really were on fire. The energy they put out was greeted with just as much energy from the audience. Fantastic! Bravo!

The night was lovely, and good research for a show I am performing in mid-July, but more about that later.

We stayed for the first two acts, before Oliver started to get overly fidgety. He is such a ladies man. We could not stop him from touching and staring into the faces of two teenage girls sitting next to us on the floor. 

He liked the flamenco, too. He's been breaking out some great moves at home while yapping "flamenco!". Adorbs.


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