into the woods

A one-night, fact-finding mission/camping trip in Butano State Park. We had walk-in campsite number 31. 

 Oliver packed in everything he needed:

David had us set up in short order, then we headed into Pescadero for groceries:

These old-timey spinning refrigerators with curved doors caught my eye:

The campground is unbelievably beautiful and pristine. Redwoods abound in the canyon and all around:

So do these giant slugs. Banana slugs to be more precise:

This is a classic Oliver move that fills my heart with pride, of all things. Lying down to take a look up, apropos of nothing:

These city kids kept busy with construction projects and nature gazing:

David kept the fire fueled and cooked a nice dinner over it:

We were all asleep by 9:00! Unfortunately David and I were up around 2:00 a.m. due to the VERY cold ground, and tossed and turned the rest of the night away. Upon arising, I was feeling especially "toe-up":

Even in the woods, this guy's gotta drip his own coffee in some fancy dripper:

Love him!

For breakfast, homemade muffins, toasted rolls with avocado smeared on them, fruit, and of course toasted marshmallows. Then we lazed the morning away. And tried to keep warm:

Again with the staring into space. Who can blame him with that incredible redwood canopy above:

We stayed warm enough until the fire died out:

One last romp in the tent:

This was the shortest camping trip we've ever taken, but also my favorite. I can't wait to return to this campground!

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