it don't stop

Last Friday just kept on going and going. Our final stop was at the spring party for Oliver's music class. It was a madhouse, and Oliver had napped his way back out of the park, so he looks a little disheveled here. Stella LOVES a buffet. Does not matter what's on it. This girl will travel far and wide to an art opening she has no understanding of if there is going to be a free piece of cheese there.

Oliver had to take care of business on his gourdamaphone.

Stella was a trouper and waited over twenty minutes to get her face painted like a cheetah. 

This day was fantastic, what memories are made of, and utterly exhausting for all of us. When we got home, Oliver and I did a little snuggling, and I managed to take a non-"duck face" photo of myself (why is that so hard to do!?). Oliver decided he'd do one instead. 


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