my happy place

Falletti Plaza has been my happy place since it opened five years ago. I remember walking by every day with newborn Stella waiting for it to open. It still hasn't lost it's sheen to me. It filled a big hole in this neighborhood, and unfortunately, along with astronomical rents, forced a few small shops out of business. But I just can't stay away. It is truly a success as far as mixed use buildings go. It's nothing to look at on the exterior, but the way you enter and inhabit the spaces really works. It's got all the tricks architects want their buildings to be able to do, without making a big fuss about any of them.

Anyhoo, we had a slow, sit around and read books kind of day before afternoon swim class, but we got out for coffee and croissants in the morning. Here we are at DeLessio, a great bakery in the plaza. 

DeLessio also is a purveyor of Humphry Slocombe ice cream. We don't get all the crazy flavors like "Eight Ball Stout" or "Salt and Pepper" that you can get from their shop in the Mission, but they do always have "Secret Breakfast" (bourbon and toasted cornflakes) and "Malted Dulce de Leche", which is a real winner served with a condiment sized square of a fudgey brownie. 

In other news, Stella sure could use a haircut.


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