if a tree falls

We had some friends over for dinner tonight. Ironically, I again forgot to photograph anything I prepared. Ironic, of course, because now I have somewhere to share all that "food porn" I like to make. 

We had pollo con arroz, roasted corn and poblano salad, guacamole, roasted jalapenos, and wild mushroom tacos. Wine from the bottomless case we won at the school auction this year. Dessert was my standard fudge brownies from DeLessio with malted dulce de leche ice cream from Humphry Slocombe. If you know me, you know I LOVE to bake. But there ain't exactly enough time to do it all. The meal was delicious, the company great, and I can't wait to entertain again soon. 

Here are the kids waiting for their pals to show up. Oliver is the silliest little guy. He only got to walking a few months ago, so his wibbley legs and contortions really crack me up.

Stella and Lucian haven't seen each other in months. They decided to spend their time reading together. Geeks! 


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