corners: hearts

Hearts are much harder to find around here than, say, elephants. I found way fewer than I thought I would when I started poking around for them yesterday. The heart is not as ubiquitous as one might think!

A Teuscher crepe paper chocolate box my mother bought me
in downtown San Francisco years ago.

Heart shape cake pans I've had forever.

Beautiful Dutch Door Press tea towels.

Cookie cutters and some Play-Doh hearts Stella and I made so
long ago that they are growing some kind of freaky Play-Doh mold.

Stella helped me sweep the house for hearts and found
this card from our Eames House of Cards set.

This sweet letterpress card I keep meaning to give to David, by Carissa Potter. I love the radiator, it reminds me of being back east. You don't see too many clanky cast iron radiators out here in these parts. I really miss them! This one is electric, but still. By the way, this artist is kind of wonderful.

A dress it is possible I may never wear again, inspired by my
years and years of studying flamenco. Size eight. If you're
dying for it, let me know. I'm hopeful, but realistic.

And another gorgeous Dutch Door Press design. This is my valentine to my mother, who left yesterday and I am missing a lot already. She already saw it while she was here. Doubtful it'll get in the mail in time for Valentine's Day. Love you, Mom!


  1. That dress is gorgeous - no wonder you love it!

    1. Thanks, Julie! Did you take the Alt class with me today...the name of your website looks familiar. I just poked around your site, by the way. So much fun stuff to dig into! And I will!

  2. Of course we have the Eames card too! I love hearts! Great post and post idea!

    1. Thanks, Ann! You've certainly gotten your share of awesome heart posts up this month! Now I want the GIANT Eames cards. They had a vintage set at the shop around the corner a few months ago, but was a little too pricey for me! :)


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