round up: just the three of us

David returned from his second long work trip late last night and we are all thrilled to have him back home. The first trip was fun and novel for me, having all that space and time to do what I liked, up before the sun and asleep cuddling the kids by nine each night. This second time I stayed up WAY to late and started the sad cycle of over-caffeinated days and sleepless nights. To the point that productivity came to a standstill and doubt about everything I do came over me in a wave every night. That part really sucked. Self-induced insanity, I'm not into it.

There was some good that came of it. I started running, which is really just a way to be alone with really loud music. All the money I spend on coffee and treats spent instead on a sitter for an hour to get some exercise. Good call. A little more spent on a mother's helper for some time to futz around and do some sketching. I made some serious lists and started to break through with artwork concepts that have been brewing for a long time. I'm finding I'm lacking the skill to bring these concepts to life, but at least I'm putting pen to paper. Practice makes perfect.

An old technique and some rotten poppies.

The beginnings of an idea. They don't photograph well!

Turkish bath towels for the super-hot summer road trip we have coming up soon.

Things the lucky winner of the last donut pan giveaway received from me, on top of a set of new donut pans!
An egg piñata, an oilcloth bunting, some of my friend Sarah's Makerbot donuts, and my friend Anna's new book. Sweet, right? ENTER NEXT TIME!

Oh boy, we've entered the Star Wars phase. I've got Christmas on lock for the next three years.

Temporary egg storage.

I love having my eggs at Rare Device at the same time as Anna's Dutch Door Press pop-up!

Stella before her end of the school year performance. She is a beauty onstage, you can feel it when she sings.

Hair curl. Lip curl.

The dance party, as precious as it sounds, is really real at our house.

After David's first long trip away he gave me a Sunday to myself. I drank a lot of wine and cleaned the house. And took these photos

Hiking in Tiburon. Gorgeous trail.

These two are amazing company, I'm telling you, but welcome home, David!


  1. love the watercolor and piñata drawings! xoxo

    1. Thanks, lady. I think I need to go back to school for an MFA. I really do. xo

  2. That last picture, of the two of them running in Tiberon, hair blowing, is magnificent. xoxo

  3. This makes me want to be an artist.

    1. I think you might be one already, Rita, the way you see things differently. :)


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