showtime: the showgirl chorus, elbo room, june 11, 2013

Another great show with Bombshell Betty and her Burlesqueteers. The theme this month was "taboo", and there were so many hilarious and inventive acts. I've got a hankering to come up with a new act after watching so many of my friends and colleagues perform so beautifully without props or tricky costumes in this show. Scaled down production is something I've aimed to do the entire time I've been dancing, but have never been able to pull off. I'd love to have an act like that in my arsenal. I'll be marinating on that.

I danced with the Showgirl Chorus, and we performed two numbers: our Bring on the Men act, dressed as half men/half womem, and our Bob-Fosse-esque History Repeating act. The stage gets so crowded with our big group of gals, but the choreography is so fun to do that it doesn't matter. Even more crowded is the dressing room, where I was lumbering around trying to get some photos and taking up too much space.

I can't get my hands on any photos of our Bring on the Men act, but here we are dressed in fashions from different decades for History Repeating. I'm representing the 50's on the left. We have to make a lot of loud sounds during this act, including the "Woop! Woop!" noises we're making in these open-mouthed shots!

And this is my dear Cookie Crumbles (and the lovely Red Delicious in the background). Cookie did an act to a Kiss tune with an Ace Frehley mask on for most of it, which explains her lovely expression here. She's one of my best burlesque buddies. We've got a lot in common and have some good fun together. Because of some of the choreography in the Bring on the Men, we've become even closer. Wink. I love all these ladies.

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