donuts are awesome/thoughts on 'bots

These awesome donuts were made by my friend Sarah Link. They showed up in the mail this weekend. What an awesome surprise, a bag of my favorite shapes in a bunch of yummy colors!

Sarah and I were in architecture school together and reconnected a few years ago, which is also awesome. She is a designer, an artist, a bridge documenter, a rocker, and of all my friends and acquaintances the only person I know who owns a Makerbot. She made these donuts for me in the Makerbot, and she is currently fabricating a line of really wild figurines that will go up in her soon-to-be Etsy shop next week. Follow her on Twitter at @OslinkslinksO to keep in the loop on her work and for her shop opening announcement.

Aren't these total eye candy?

I hadn't heard of 3D printing and Makerbots until I heard Chris Anderson's keynote talk at ALT in January. The idea was controversial to me. Another way to bring plastic into our lives, another way to facilitate mass production. I couldn't even figure out how he was chosen to speak at ALT, a design summit rife with hand crafters and artisans, DIY-ers and artists. I've heard about people making their own guns with their Makerbots, followed by discussion of replicator regulation. There are concerns for the manufacturing industry and all sorts of copyright/patent violation ideas as people share their ideas online. These things are controversial, for sure.

As I've been watching my friend Sarah conquer the replicator program and bring her creations to life, I do see the value. She is making some incredible stuff with her Makerbot, and expressing herself therein. The idea of being able to make what you are thinking of in three dimensions is totally wild, a new frontier. I love seeing what she's doing with it. I've got mixed feelings about this technology, but watching people do their own manufacturing at home is pretty awesome.


  1. Wow, these are pretty amazing! I agree with you re: the technology, but I can't help but gawk at these colors!!

  2. Awww, the perfect gift for you and I love that she printed your blog name on them. I haven't read much I confess about this new printing objects thing, I couldn't wrap my brain around it.

    Didn't know it was plastic items. I'll definitely read more about it.

    By the way Tiff, I wanted to let you know I've had a tough time recently commenting on your blog from a mobile device. (I usually blog on my lunch break at work on an iPad). I can type in my comment but when the pop-up window for the "comment as" part pops up, I can't seem to click on those cells using touchscreen on my iPad. I'm on my laptop right now which is why I'm able to comment. I wanted to let you know so you can look at your commenting system (although I use wordpress, I'm not familiar with blogspot). If you install something new and you'd like me to test it out, just let me know!

    1. Hi Tania! What an awesome surprise it was to get the donuts (and to get your comment)! Sarah tells me they are made of the same type of plastic as Legos, which apparently is safer than some others but I still need to do my research.

      I wouldn't have a clue on how to install a different commenting system, but I will ask around. I get so many spambot anonymous comments that I had to put on the moderation thing....is that part of the problem for you? I know a lot of people have told me it's hard to comment here. I wonder if they were on mobile devices, too. Thank you for letting me know! xo


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