last sunday

 I think nature did this, but it looked like Andy Goldsworthy had been here.

Last Sunday went on so long it felt like two days. Saturday evening we packed some snacks, watched My Neighbor Totoro for the first time, and got to bed at a decent hour. We woke up nice and early to get out to Muir Woods for a deep hike on the high trails, got back home before noon, roasted tomatoes and baked bread, had an all-toast dinner (toast with curry and anchovy butter, toast with olive oil, salt and roasted tomatoes, toast with roasted garlic, toast with peanut butter and jelly), played a giant game of hide-and-seek, chalked up the courtyard, and I even got in a nice evening run at the end of the day. David and I squeezed in a couple of deep, deep talks about the future game plan for our family. We covered a lot of ground Sunday. Getting up early on the weekend is always super rewarding. And having dinner at the early hour of 5:00 leaves a lot of time to live a little after the kitchen is cleaned up. Good day.

 Their favorite tree in all of Muir Woods is in the parking lot.

 A burl. The light was so much more dramatic on a hike we took here back in February. As you can see here, it's like night and day.

 The trees, they are big.

 Three hours at 250º makes them chewy and sweet like candy.

 Homemade Portuguese broa, a cornmeal/white peasant bread. I made two loaves. The recipe is from THIS great book. Toasting makes it even better.

Chalk bunting. I'm ready to get these things out of my system. I gave my Mexican oil cloth buntings away to friends when we were on vacation last month. I'm noticing big, awesome tassels are the new bunting. But what will come after big, awesome tassels?

 He's done this before. It's his thing.

 This has also happened before. A whole bunch in the last month. Oliver has tapered his nursing down to just a little every night and I think he is losing weight as a result. I could be wrong, but his pants are always falling off lately.



  1. Your home is just beautiful - everything about it. All toast dinner sounds divine. I think I shall have to institute that around here. I love little food that you can stack and play with.


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