donut pan giveaway winner!

Hey there, folks. I am utterly exhausted from prepping for and hosting a party yesterday, so let me get right to business. Last week I hosted my first of five donut pan giveaways being donated by the baking company Wilton in celebration of my first dozen donut pan projects. Today I picked a winner with an online number randomizer. And here he is!

Congratulations, Randy! I think I know this Randy. In fact I might be able to tell him in person tomorrow that he has won a set of pans. Yay! And Randy, if I don't know you, please drop me a note at: sfcornerblog[at]hotmail[dot]com. I need your mailing address. Thanks!

And thanks to everyone who left great and supportive comments last week. Stella and I are having a ton of fun with this project and can't wait to get the next twelve under our belts. There's a really cute one coming up in the next few days. I hope you'll come back and check it out! 


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    1. Yes, congratulations to him! Larissa, when is your 18th birthday, anyway? I've got lots more pans to give away, I'm sure you will be old enough for one of them. And I want to be sure to wish you a happy birthday regardless!


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