round up: pretty + lucky = plucky

Dahlias + chocolate cosmos.

I dunno. I'm burnt from this week. Three quick, full, FUN days of two different sets of beloved guests, a few nights of staying up WAY too late snuggling with Stella, too many drinks over the past weekend. Oliver is about to turn three and is really tapering off the nursing, which I think might be having some effect on me. I've got no burlesque performances scheduled until October, so I am missing out a lot on that scene, save for my first kittening gig coming up in September which scares me more than doing a solo performance! Dare I say it, I might be feeling a little blue tonight. I'll be fine in the morning, I'm sure.

Some photos from this past week, and then off to bed. Happy weekend, everyone. We'll be resting with no plans, which is an awesome plan.  

My second goose egg piƱata, now hanging in Rare Device.

The kids spilled my iced coffee all over the floor at the BOE, but they still gave me my Seller's Permit.
When I get a few moments to pull it together I will FINALLY be opening my Etsy shop!

Two pizzas and a giant kale salad from Ragazza for my sister and brother-in-law's visit. And THEN to the Mission the next day for a bar crawl. Mission Cheese is my number one favorite place on Valencia these days, by the way.

All of this was just to provide vehicles for tzatziki sauce. Huge hit.

Our grocery store project.

I wasn't kidding when I told you what I do all day.


Scarecrow, the number one favorite game of the week. 

Dahlias outside the Conservatory of Flowers.

BFFs, reunited for one short (long) day. Lots of tears after this parting.

Drinks with Dad.

The pout.


  1. So many of your posts make me hungry! Those pizzaz look super yummy!

  2. I love the picture of the tabletop with all the food and the dahlias! Congratulations on the pinata, that shop looks like somewhere I'd enjoy. You made me hungry with the pizza and kale:-) Let me know when you're etsy is up and running with a fair amount of pieces, I'll profile it.

    1. Wow, you are a doll to offer to profile my little shop, Tania! Thank you! Having a real camera has been really lovely. You're smart to actually take a class to teach you how to use yours! xoxo


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