brownie donuts

I have been learning a big life lesson over the past few months. Everything tastes better in donut form. I'm not just saying this, I really mean it. How could one possibly ever improve on a brownie? By baking it in a donut pan, giving more chewy surface area to the brownie, perfecting the perfection. That's how.

Here's Donut Pan Idea No. 10. Because this is the tenth donut pan idea I've posted! There are SO many more to come, by the way. This one is so simple. I'm not reinventing the wheel with this one, just the shape of your brownie.

I grabbed a box of Duncan Hines Chewy Fudge Brownie mix and followed the
two egg recipe for chewier brownies. I baked these for 20 minutes at 325º.

 Two eggs and a side of match game.

For the first time in the course of these donut pan shenanigans, I caved in and bought a baking spray for the pans, one containing flour and oil. Saved myself some anxiety and it really worked. These brownies slid right out of the pans after they cooled.

Use a small ladle to fill the pans to about 1/8" from the top.

I mixed well-chopped walnuts into half of the batter, half was left plain, both delicious.

Let cool in pans on racks.

We served them up to our friends Sara and Chris and Inari and Anika with some Humphry Slocombe Secret Breakfast and Malted Dulce de Leche ice cream and sent most of the leftovers back to the hotel with them, for safe keeping. Our leftovers were gone the next morning. Dangerous. Very.


  1. YUM! I think this is definitely one of my favorite uses for the donut pan!

    1. It was one of mine, too, LT! They were gone in a flash, and were the easiest project I've used the pans for yet. :)


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