In January of this year, I wrote an entry here entitled "wherein a dream might come true". Well, it did. Tonight is the opening reception for HEADS, and I am delighted. If you've been following along at all, this has been a crazy ride of extreme sleep deprivation and amazing acts of patience by my family. I am so happy it has all come together so well. The attention I am receiving from the article in the SF Chronicle, to more art blogs than I can even chase down right now (like this, this and this to start!), is so far above what I expected. I'm stunned in a great way, everything has exceeded my expectations. From naming this show "HEADS" to finding just the right paint color for the gallery walls (Benjamin Moore "Bridal Pink"), to having the incredible Sarah Deragon shoot my promotional materials, this has all come together as if I have been ruminating on it all for a long time. Which I have. 

The cards above represent my journey with flowers and botanical art so far. In 2000 I was obsessed with painting extremely time consuming and intricate botanical floral pieces. The card on the left is about all I could muster, with a photocopy of a photo of one of my paintings on cheap card stock. The card on the right is where I am today with papel SF. I've gotten off this train numerous times in the last fourteen years, but hopefully I can stay on board longer and see where I go next.

If you are in San Francisco or the Bay Area, please come out to the reception tonight. It is at Rare Device, 600 Divisadero at Hayes, from 6-8:00 p.m. The show hangs until the 28th, and you can also view and purchase the pieces online here.

Have a wonderful weekend, and a wonderful Mother's Day (and for me and David, a happy anniversary!). Maybe I'll see you tonight!



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