show's over

somewhat rested

A few words to describe what I'm feeling today on the eve of the end of my current show. This entire month has been one of the best of my life. I feel in control right now and am so full of "what's next" that I am losing my mind. At the same time, I am reconnecting with my family and that feels so utterly amazing. I had really forgotten what it was like to be there for Stella and Oliver. It is awesome to be mom again.

Some more photos I took of the show for posterity, before I get back to my regular scheduled programming. I've got to work up to that again, but I miss my donut projects and random DIYs, and I miss having a log of our day to day here. The great news is school gets out at the end of this week for the summer, and for the first time since Oliver was born four and a half years ago, Stella and I will have every morning alone together. I am so, so excited for that freedom. I'll also be trying to keep the momentum going with what I've got going on now while not ripping our household to shreds again.

Have a great week, and thank you for coming by. It's been a while! xoxo


  1. I am totally in awe of your talent, I could barely tell if they were made or real! Good luck with the show :D

  2. you are AMAZING. so, so beautiful. wonderful that you are in a great place! love all of your work, such a talented woman! xo

    1. Thank you so much, Lyndsay! I just looked at your blog.....you are AMAZING, TOO! WOW!


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