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What a week! Things are catching fire right now and now I'm having a little bit of a case of hoping to live up to the hype. The postcards for my show came in, and they are freaking beautiful. The San Francisco Chronicle sent a photographer out yesterday to take photos of me in my "studio" (hahaha), following the interview I sat down for last week with Chronicle journalist Chantal Lamers. I was not prepared at all for the photo shoot and will chalk my stringy hair and nondescript outfit up to learning the hard way. Next time, if there is a next time, I will give myself more than one rushed hour to do my hair, put on a face and clean the house. ACK! Either way, I am beyond thrilled to be featured in the SF Chronicle. I think the article will be in the style section on Sunday, May 4th. Exciting!

I have been working with David and anyone else who will listen on how to hang the flowers at Rare Device, as I install them next Thursday. There is very limited wall space to work with. (Good thing I wasn't able to make the full 20 pieces I had planned on!) When hanging flowers like these, there is a fine line between creating an Anthropologie storefront and hanging pieces of art, which I now fully consider these to be. If I cluster them, bouquet style, will that be too commercial looking? I don't want them too high, I don't want them too low. It's a quandary. There is a photo of my scale paper model above. If you have ANY thoughts on how to lay out this show, PLEASE let me know!

Last night I was at Rare Device to celebrate Lisa Congdon's new book, Whatever You Are, Be a Good One (her great book of hand lettered inspirational quotes). I ran into Victoria Smith of the gorgeous blog SF Girl By Bay and started telling her about my show, but she stopped me to tell me she was already running a post about it after seeing the postcards. Her post went live this morning and you can see it here. What an honor! Thank you, Victoria!

That's all for now. I have been posting some process work, etc. on Instagram if you feel like checking it out. After the show I'd like to start writing about more than paper here again, but that's all she wrote for now. Have a great weekend! 


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