from the desk of tiffanie turner

Just kidding. I don't have a desk. 

It's starting to get to me, the no desk thing. I know David has been dying for a space to make music for years, but since I don't make lots of noise like he does, I have managed to skink along and make everything I make on the kitchen countertop where we all eat. So there's always a picking up, clearing away, de-greasing and setting back up process for everything I do. Like the idiom my friend Mike used the other day says, a poor workman blames his tools. I have always managed to be creative and prolific despite the situation. 

It's grating on me now, the same way it has grated on David the entire time we've lived here. I'm at a stopping point, having dropped most of my "extracurriculars" to take the stress off the family and take some time to focus on what is next. I'm also super burnt out and trying to be okay with not having anything big in the fire. Small architectural jobs are starting to pop up. I want to paint A LOT. I have things I want to do and really no where to do them. In one of my creative group get-togethers someone pointed out to me that not being able to leave work out where you can just pick it back up at any time is a big deal, and I believe her!

San Francisco is totally insane as far as the rental market for anything. I started a cursory look the other day for a little room somewhere (which, let's face it, I could only use one day a week for a little while while I have help with Oliver, until I can afford more). You would think there would be one little space somewhere within a mile of our place, but there is nothing. Hmmm, does that mean I should open one? Hmmm.

I'm just going to visualize this for a while until something works out. I'll keep on trucking the way I have been, but my eyes are open now. This is something that needs to give for both David and I. We've got to get some more space. It sounds like a luxury, but I think as we get older there is an urgency to find these things you've wanted for so long. David, I know I am preaching to your choir.

Have a great weekend, friends! I leave you with the typical scene from my "studio", especially on a donut day. xoxo


  1. it's crazy how rent is out the window here in california. as much as i love this state it's starting to dawn on me that there is no way i can ever own a home at these prices..

    i love your blog .. wishing you the best !!

    1. A constant conversation for us, how to change our life into what we really want but not wanting to be slaves to these home prices. It's awful.

      Thank you so much for taking the time to comment, Yess! I really appreciate it. I am looking forward to sitting down and taking a peek at your blog this weekend! :)


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