a garland of hot glue + old flowers

People have been making flower garlands a right long time, no big invention here. But the other day I saw this cute post by my friend Kelly at StudioDIY where she hot glued ranunculus heads to party hats and I thought that was a swell idea. In all the costuming I've done I've never ventured into fresh-flower-fabrication for my fascinators, but I will now. It's worth it to get just one performance out of the effort, as the hot glue makes quick work of everything! I'll let you know when I get that going, for sure.

In the meantime, I've been looking for things to liven up our bay window and mantle. I need a little break from bunting, tassels and pompoms, and I can't hang one more set of Christmas lights in this place, so how about a garland of old flowers? Heads from my week-old bunch of ranunculus on a cord hung on the wall. Nice. I want to collect bits of nature and other flowers and add more to this garland, and cluster with others, too. Let them dry out, fine with me.

So easy. Old flowers, elastic cord, hot glue.

Pop off the heads, leaving a bit of stem.

Tie flower heads with double knots spaced along the cord wherever they look good to you.

Give the knot and back of the flower a good dollop of hot glue.

I tied the ends of my cord together so it could double as a necklace.

Pretty. We'll see how it looks in a few days! 


  1. GORGEOUS, Tiffanie!! I absolutely love it! Hooray for crafting with flowers!

  2. Love all the pics in this post Tiff, really pretty.

    I'm jelly that you have a reason to wear fascinators. I was "fascinated" with feather ones for awhile.

    Need a glue gun, stat.

    1. Hi Tania! I have a hard time getting my hair right WITHOUT something big offsetting one side these days. Always trying to find a way to look good in "normal" clothes....has never been my forte and I am always envious of people who don't need to draw attention to themselves to feel good. Hi, I'm nuts! And yes, you need a glue gun. I used mine constantly in architecture school, didn't use one for 15 or so years and then haven't done anything without one since I started costuming for burlesque. A necessity! :)

  3. Lovely idea - I have some ranunculus (my favorite!) at home and might try the same when they don't look good in the vase anymore. And: thank you for visiting back and your nice reply to my comment the other day - I've added you to my bloglovin feed and will be following along now...

    1. Hi Lena! You are in my Feedly now as well, your blog is super beautiful! By the way, the ranunculus have now been hanging for four days and are still intact, although not that pretty right now. I'm hoping in another week they will be more desiccated (dried out) and will have a different appeal.


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