showtime: sevillanas (my best act, ever), elbo room, june 12, 2012

Backstage in prom wear. It was a prom-themed show. My flamenco act was an anomaly.

The night started with me begging the kids to stop talking for literally one minute so I could get my eyelashes on right, followed by spilling half my bottle of medical grade adhesive (for the pasties, of course!) all over the venue's dressing room vanity. But it ended with the best burlesque performance I've ever done. It felt so good. I had practiced the flamenco choreography until was muscle memory, and it was expressive, so it allowed me to be comfortable connecting with the audience in an expressive way. Hats off to me. I really nailed this one.

Here's a clip of the first half of the act, right up until the footwork. I'm really dancing. I've got my twirl on, and it looks pretty fabulous. It's a very low quality film (from our dear friend Anna), so it looks like vintage celluloid. I love it.

Part I

Here's the second part. Because it's so blurry, I'd say it's safe for work, save
for the hootin' and hollerin'!

Part II

I'd love to show you the very end, it's super fresh and sassy, but maybe we should spend another year getting to know each other first. I really would love to share the audio from the end. The best ovation, evah! 

A shot by talented photographer Alex Akamine:

There's a lot going on in this photo. Maybe too much!

And one overexposed, featureless photo of a figure dancing in the dark. Taken by my friend Melissa, who came with our friend Jeanette. We all met when our first-borns were first born, so it is extra nice when they come to the shows. 

Footwork section, hot microphone on the floor. Fun!

Also, a big thank you to sweet Anna and Scott, and the giant posse they always bring to the shows, and to thoughtful Allison for figuring out my hair, and of course to Bombshell Betty! I sound like I'm accepting an academy award here, so I'd better stop. It's those endorphins from doing this kind of performing. I'm still riding the high a day later. I'll crash tomorrow, I'm sure.

Maybe one last thank you. To Yaelisa, the incredible flamenco instructor, choreographer, and dancer who taught me everything I know about flamenco 15+ years ago. So much of it has stuck over all this time. It's wild. Here's how I used to dance sevillanas, back in the day:

c. 1998


  1. I'm glad the medical grade stuff was for the pasties! At first you were talking about eyelashes and I got a little concerned.

    I would love to see one of your shows! I've been to a burlesque type of performance. Great dancing :-)

    Love the last pic too, sheer joy in those faces.

    1. When you come to visit, I will make sure you see a show! Back in my old flamenco days, that scenario in the last picture used to scare me to death. Dancing flamenco in front of a dozen or so people at a private party, where everyone knew the dances and it was supposed to be fun? I used to panic! So funny how things change!

  2. That s/b I've never been to a burlesque...

  3. How fantastic! You look amazing! I just found your blog via a comment on Bleubird and I'm so glad to have a new great blog to follow!


    1. Thank you, Kacie! How sweet of you. I just checked out your blog and am loving all the tips for Paris! You lucky lady!

  4. what a beautiful night! the kids hassling..... the perfect act..... and mama friends coming out to support you! sad I missed it! You looked lovely!

    1. Thank you so much, my beauty idol (for real)! I wish you could've seen it. I hope there's a next time! xo

  5. Really superb dancing- glad it went great! Love the costume detail shot and the flamenco photo - so cool - looks like it came out of Vogue magazine!


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